After all this wine talk its time to reveal a little of what is happening in the personal lives, behind the scenes.


In order to make our wine blog actually about WINES, there haven’t been that much personal twists on the blog lately – except for Jenny’s personal experiences with winetasting-competent lipstick, a topic extremely relevant for all of you lipstick-wearing winelovers out there! But according to the statistics our readers are most into the personal stuff (as us humans are a curious bunch of creatures!), so I decided to take a questionnaire going around social media and remodel it a bit. So here are 5 random facts about my life from the past year!

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Wine proof lipstick, could it be?

Jenny: Hello all ladies (and why not gentlemen too) behind the wine glasses! You know the feeling when you go to a tasting, wine fair, dinner, lunch or breakfast (we are not judging here) and you loose all your lipstick at the first sip? The glass is smudged and everything is RUINED!

Lipstick wineglass winetasting


No worries ladies (and gents), your problems have been solved! My gurlz were in Krems  checking the rivers and of course fulfilling needs at DM. Emma bought (again) a lipstick and it turned out to be the ONE THING I’ve been missing all my life!

Apply once in the morning and you’ll be walking home next morning still wearing it. Heck, you’ll probably be buried with it, if you don’t remove it in the evening.

No need to be careful anymore, no smudged glasses or babes. Enjoy a kiss or a glass of wine anytime, anywhere and carry on!

And, here it is. The most amazing lipstick that turned my world upside down: Maybelline Super Stay Matte Ink!

I hope everyone, who’s been struggling with this wine drinking problem, can be just as excited as I am!

Cheers, prost and kisses!

xoxo Jenny ❤

Hei jos ootte koskaan törmänneet tähän viinilasien takana lymyilevien naisten ongelmaan, eli huulipunan leviämiseen, niin huoli pois! Emma ja Ninnu kävivät Kremsissä tsekkailemassa joet, viinit ja toki DM:n. Ja luonnollisesti Emman haaviin jäi taas yksi huulipuna. Enpä tiennyt että se huulipuna muuttaisi elämäni!

Kuinka rasittavaa on koko ajan korjailla huulipunaa? Tastingeissa voit unohtaa huulipunan kokonaan, se päätyy vain lasin reunaan kuitenkin. Mutta, nyt ensimmäistä kertaa olen löytänyt ratkaisun, joka pitää. Se kestää viinit ja pussailun, todennäköisesti voit mennä hautaan sen kanssa.

Kyseessä on Maybellinen Super Stay Matte inc. That’s it. Olkaa hyvä.

Getting to know the port wine cellars – Cockburn’s Port

Cockburn’s Port is part of Symington family’s many port houses, originally founded in 1815. This port cellar is the biggest cellar in Gaia, and accepts visitors all year round.

The series continues with a peek to yet another port wine cellar here in Porto/Gaia (this are actually two different cities, but they feel and they are often referred to, as one). Cockburn’s Port was founded in 1815 by two Englishmen, brothers John and Robert. The well-organized visit to the cellar offered a great deal of history, and also the best part, very understandable information about the production methods of port wine.

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Alentejo – wines from the silent lands

Alentejo is a wine region in Central Portugal, where winemaking traditions can be traced back even before the Roman times. After several setbacks during its history, nowadays the region is up and flourishing, producing a variety of interesting wines within eight Alentejo DOC sub-regions.

It is about time to start covering Portugal’s wine regions, and what is a better place to start as a Finnish person, than Alentejo! Why, you ask? Well like Finland, Alentejo is a huge area with a ridiculously small amount of people. One very unfortunate difference (there are few, to be honest) is, that not even 5 % of the land is used on viticulture in Finland. Then again, this is the case in Alentejo! But before anything else, take a little glimpse back to the history of these silent lands in the middle of Portugal.

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Drink Portuguese! – a list of Portugal’s wine regions

Portugal’s wine regions are rich and plenty, and not always the most straight-forward to list. With two island regions to add into a count, this listing provides you the basic information of Portugal’s 14 wine region.

It is not always clear how many exact wine regions Portugal has since it seem to be calculated differently in every source. This is mainly because the country has multiple sub-regions, sometimes considered main regions of their own. This kept in mind, I took my example from The Wines of Portugal’s listing, since it was the same I was taught to be the country’s main regions when I worked in a wine bar here in Porto.

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The lifecycle of a vineyard – Spring

A vine is a fascinating and persistent plant, which lives an interesting lifecycle during the year. The Spring is definitely the most important season for the vine plant – that is when all the magic happens so that quality grapes can be picked in the beginning of Autumn.

Since I have been working in a vineyard here in Portugal for a few months now, I decided it was time to write a little about our everyday routines there. The vineyard is a Demeter-certified biodynamic estate and produces approximately only 9 000 liters every year. The vineyard is situated in a small village of Lixa, in Northern Portugal. It belongs to the Vinho Verde region, an area situated between two big rivers, Minho and Douro. Only wines produced in this area are allowed to be called vinhos verdes, green wines.  Continue reading “The lifecycle of a vineyard – Spring”

Getting to know the port wine cellars – Ferreira

Ferreira is one of the many port wine cellars you can visit in the city of Gaia, just a bridge-cross South from Porto. Interestingly, Ferreira has always been in the hands of Portuguese owners, which is not the case in any other port wine companies.

Approximately a month ago it was the time for my next port wine cellar visit. And since I got a very special visitor over from Finland, and whilst getting to know Porto and it’s history a visit to one of its port wine cellars is a must, the time was just right.

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